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The Social Web

My main focus over the past years has been on the architecture of fully distributed, decentralised and secure Social Web. Here are a few talks on the subject in order of increasing detail where I explain how what this is, why it is important, and how it can be realised.

Executive Summary

A short interview of me by Prof. William Dutton at the Oxford Internet Institute on what the Social Web is.

WebID and Browsers

A central building block for the Social Web is the WebID protocol, now being finalised at the W3C, in the WebID Incubator Group. The following short presentation given at the W3C Identity in the Browser Workshop shows how it works through a number of illustrations with real, non modified browsers.

There are a number of implementations already, and new implementors are urged to join and share their experiences.

WebID and eCommerce

A short presentations showing how one can use LinkedData and WebID to add the missing layer of trust to the internet.

Philosophy and the Social Web

For a very detailed understanding of the philosophy of Social Web and the technology that can enable it, listen to this talk given at the first Web and Philosophy conference in October 2010. This is close to two hours long and very exhaustive. Starting from issues in Social Networks as they stood in 2010, this talk covers Web Architecture, the semantic web, issues in the philosophy of Language, Logic, Cryptography, the WebID protocol and more. It should be relatively accessible.

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