The main project, started Feb 1994, consisted in writing transport simulation of Southampton in Visual Basic with an Access database, with the data being collected using laptops during the summer of 1995.

The computer survey aimed at collecting data on people's attitudes towards various transport initiatives of the European wide ROMANSE project (including STOPWATCH bus information, in home multi-media transport information, in car information, ...).

The survey started with a questionnaire - determining the interviewee's favourite mode of transport and other personal information - and was followed by a journey simulation and various problem scenarios.

The journey simulation presented the interviewee with a photo and a map of each intersection he would come accross in his journey from home to his destination of choice in the center of Southampton. The problem scenario would then create an accident on the interviewee's path, and record his reactions (whether it be staying at home, changing his route, changing his means of transport,...).