W3C Identity in the Browser Workshop

The Workshop

The W3c Identity in the Browser Workshop is currently being held in Menlo Park, California, in the Mozilla buildings. The agenda is packed with short talks and discussions with a very strict focus of identity as it relates to browsers and the web.

The talks are being logged, and are currently available online. There are in two files (soon 3) which don't coincide with California time, ie there is an overlap between the first and second day.

  1. Minutes for 24th
  2. Minutes for 25th

WebID and Browsers

The WebID Incubator Group has submitted a very carefully crafted and thought through paper "The WebID Protocol & Browsers, that is on the agenda to be presented today, 25 May 2011.

As the schedule only gives each speaker 10 minutes to present, and as the amount of information that needs to be imparted is very big, especially given the theoretical/practical intermingling of the problem, I thought it best to do a video that shows how theory and practice interpenetrate in the WebID protocol (spec). This video comes with 4 demos. It shows how easy it is to create a social web, how one can create a WebID in one click, how that works, how one can authenticate in one click to a web site, and how that works, and finally it goes over some improvements that would be welcome in the browser. The code for the bblfish branch of Clerezza is available on github.

The most important browser improvement all round I susgest there is simply to give the user control of his identity. This essentially means following Aza Raskin'sUI identity proposal but integrating it with TLS.

The above video is also available on YouTube. Direct downloads:

Cryptokeys, WebID and Internet Cafes

At the end of that video I mention that WebId could work better with cryptosticks. Here is a short demo of what one can allready do now with it. One can use the HTML-5 <keygen .../> element to directly load a certificate on the German Privacy Foundation's Crypto Stick, and then go to an internet café and use it to log into any WebID enabled site - after what is still a bit too tedious a setup procedure (we ask browser vendors to help fix this).

Direct download:


If you are having any difficulty with the last video please mail me. This is the first time I have put up an ogg and mp4 file in a html5 video.

I am in fact finding Dive Into HTML5 article on video very helpful. I am still wondering if there is a way to make it possible for the user to view the videos full screen.

All other feedback welcome too of course!