Philosophy and the Social Web

At the first Web and Philosophy conference that took place in Paris in October 2010, I presented a talk entitled "Philosophy and the Social Web". The talk covers the structural privacy issues in social networks, web architecture, cryptography, identity, reference, and how insights from the philosophy of Mind and Language can be put to use to helping us understand what the future of the Social Web is going to look like. These may seem a bit abstruse, but they are really written from an engineer's perspective who wishes to build the Social Web and who needs to see the big picture. The presentation moves from the political, to the technical, to the philosophical fluidly. If you want more details on any topics, look at the notes. They will point you to articles that go into much more depth on any issue. If something remains unclear, mail me, or join the W3C PhiloWeb Community and ask questions there.

I placed the slidshow on slideshare with synced audio:

Philosophy and the Social Web

The presentation is is available in other formats:

For the slideshare presentation I put together an MP3 Audio file. You can listen to me presenting the slides above with it. The mp3 has audio signals to help you know which slide you should be on.

Other Presentations given at the conference are available on the Philoweb slideshare page.

A few months later I gave a version of this talk in French at the Pompidou center, and the videos were made available. That recapitulates most of what I say here, with a slightly different entry into the subject matter.

For those who are interested in getting a view of how engineering and philosophy touch, are interested in an overview of the semantic web or linked data, or yet another view of the WebID protocol, this should be interesting.

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